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  1. Wow, what a day I have had, out and about in the amazing city of London. My very first visit and a day never to be forgotten. I was so excited when I woke this morning knowing what plans lay ahead of me, I couldn’t wait. 

    Waiting on the station at Ashtead was so exciting with all the commuters, I was waiting to take my first train journey to Waterloo Station, I couldn’t believe you could see the London Eye from the train, it seemed so close and very big for such a little monkey like me. Waterloo station was so busy, lots of people everywhere, and to top it off there was a Sponge Bob demonstration going on with lots of performers, they even got members of the public to dance with them. 

    Keen to get going on with my tour, I headed out on foot to the London Eye, it was even bigger than I thought and I felt so very small standing next to it. I headed off along Southbank and there was a very talented musician playing the steel drums just on the side of the river. He was great and even sang a song to me. 

    Then off across Waterloo Bridge, heading into the city when I saw a big poster showing some of my African friends. It was hanging outside the Lyceum Theatre, and was for a show called the Lion King, unfortunately all the animals were resting so I wasn’t able to see them but I hope to go back to London and meet them all when they are not so tired. 

    I walked on further and found an amazing market called Covent Garden, there were street performers and such lovely shops and florists. I even bumped into my favourite marmalade eating bear from deepest Peru, Paddington. He was watching a string quartet from outside a pretty gift shop so I joined him for a quick chat and a photo for my album. 

    With such a huge number of places to visit, I headed off to the Underground Station in Leicester Square. So exciting, I had no idea you could go so far underground to catch a train, there were pictures all over the walls of places to go and things to see I knew I wouldn’t get to them all! 

    My next stop was the Natural History Museum, walking up the front steps I could not believe the beauty of the building, or, what was contained inside. You wouldn’t believe it, so I took a photo, there was a huge dinosaur in the main hall as you go in. They call him “Dippy the Diplodocus”, a nice fellow but very skinny and didn’t say too much. Although he was big, he wasn’t too scary as I hear he doesn’t eat Monkeys so I had nothing to worry about. After a quick tour of the museum, I headed off to see the Tower of London, unfortunately they were doing lots of work in the grounds so I couldn’t really get a good view but I did go up to Tower Bridge to have a look back at it. 

    I had time for one more stop before getting some lunch so I went to see something called Big Ben. Where I come from, I would expect to see a very large animal of some sort but in London it is an enormous clock in a place called Westminster. Such a beautiful building and you can tell the time from all around the tower, amazing! 

    Noticing it was getting on for lunch time and I had seen a lovely little place in South Kensington near the Museums. I hopped back on the tube and heading back in the direction I came. What a lovely little café I found called Muriel’s Kitchen, it was so beautifully decorated and the food was just right for me. I had a lovely fruit juice of Apple, Pear, Ginger, Beetroot & Carrot, it was so refreshing and very tasty and to eat, a Salad with Quinoa, Walnuts, Sweet Potato, Beetroot and Garlic, also delicious with some tasty bread. They must have liked me as when I left they gave me a voucher to go back again. 

    The day was running away with me, but I do love a sweet treat every now and then and just down the road I noticed a Hummingbird Bakery. Who knew they made such amazing cupcakes! Anyone who knows me will know I love a cupcake, and I totally love baking them too. 

    After all my food I needed a little walk so I jumped back on the tube to Green Park, as I know you could walk through to Buckingham Palace from there, which is where the Queen of England lives you know. The park was very pretty with trees and daffodils, I couldn’t resist having my photo taken standing in amongst them. It was very busy outside the palace, there were people dancing on the roundabout in front of it and lots of people looking through the gates, also some very strong looking men watching us all. I am a bit too small so didn’t get a really good look inside but what I could see looked lovely. I didn’t see the queen though, maybe she was having a late lunch. 

    I walked on through the park and there were birds everywhere of all different types, there were also people feeding the pigeons, one lady had them sitting all up her arms. I also saw some very big Pelicans, they were even bigger than me! 

    I could see the London Eye from the park so decided to walk back so that I could get on the train home but there was still time for me to stop and get my picture taken with the horse mounted guards. The horses were so big and there was a big sign saying “BEWARE Horses may kick or bite! Thank you”. I got as close as I dared but was a little nervous. 

    On the way back to Waterloo it was lovely to see all the children playing on Southbank, they were on the Monkey bars and some of them could swing really well. I would have loved to stay and play but had to rush to the station to get the train home. 

    What a lovely day I had, the train journey home was very relaxing but my feet were a little sore from all the walking. I had a lovely bath when I got home and looked at all my photos. I am sure I will have lovely dreams and will look forward to my next adventure. 

    SugarLilly x x x


  2. What an amazing Saturday, beautiful weather, and an overly excited 5 year old waiting for her SugarLilly birthday party! The preparations and excitement have been building for months, once the Christmas tree was down, the next event on little Hannah’s calendar was her SugarLilly party! Loving her excitement, all sorts of games and food ideas were thought of, from cakes, sweet platters, to pin the flower on SugarLilly. The preparations were underway. 

    Hannah’s house and garden were transformed into a SugarLilly paradise, bell tents covered with bunting and decorated with bright lime green, pink and white pompoms bought from the most beautiful party supply shop and compliments SugarLilly really well. SugarLilly Gardens for decorating with tissue paper and pin the flower on SugarLilly, were hung up on the walls inside, games that all the kids loved. Pass the parcel, face-painting and an amazing spread of party food and balloons. 

    The table centrepiece was a large SugarLilly Cake, surrounded by pink popcorn, heart shaped sandwiches, a jellybean SugarLilly flower, decorated Babybelle cheese and a great selection of fruit and veg. 

    The children loved it, doing all sorts of SugarLilly craft and games, having a lovely party feast and of course no childrens party is complete without a lovely take home party bag pre filled with lots of SugarLilly goodies and an individually packed SugarLilly cupcake. 

    Little Hannah, couldn’t have been happier, I wonder what will be next on her wish list, but for sure this party lived up to her expectations, SugarLilly is a firm feature in her little world.

    Hannah blog